About Elem

ELEM- Youth in Distress was founded 34 years ago out of a sense of social responsibility for the fate of youth at-risk in Israel. Since its foundation and through to today, we have been at the forefront working for youth and raising awareness of their distress onto the social/national agenda. ELEM provides youth and young adults with unique programs that were developed in accordance with their needs and in full cooperation with local authorities, governmental ministries and third sector organizations. ELEM helps youths in all of Israel's communities, including the Haredi orthodox community and the Arab community.

Elem runs over 80 projects throughout Israel, serving 20,000 teens and young people every year.  Our projects include:

  • Youth centers
  • Homeless shelters
  • Shelters for young people in prostitution
  • Night "vans" which meet youths and provide counseling "on their territory"
  • Teatment centers for minors who sexually abuse or are abused
  • Programs helping youths integrate into the workplace.

For more information on Elem's activities click here for our 2016 Annual Report.

For more detailed information on Elem's programs and activities  (in Hebrew) click here.

We are committed to continuing to act proactively to change the lives of the populations with whom we work, to change public opinion regarding the issues on which we work, and to influence decision makers at the national level.


ELEM serves tens of thousands of youths throughout Israel, providing professional counseling, emotional support and individual mentoring.

Your support will enable us to help these youth fulfill their potential, giving them hope for a bright future.

The donation can also be given in honor or in memory of a dear one.

We are happy to send a letter or certificate authenticating your donation for tax purposes together with the receipt.

You are welcome to donate in any of the following ways:

By check: made out to ELEM Youth in Distress, 35 Hayarkon St, Bnei Brak 51204, Israel

Over the phone:  Call the ELEM offices at  +972-3-7686661, if there is no answer you may leave a message and your call will be returned

Donation Hotline (Hebrew Only):  972-4-6376299

Credit Card:  Please click here and fill out the form  (hebrew)

Round up Israel:  Round-up Israel is a non-profit organization. It offers people the chance to round up all the odd sums of money on their everyday credit card transactions and donate the small difference to a cause or charity of their choice.

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